there really isn't much to say about the loudest quiet person you will ever meet!! ;)



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go for it. pull the gun on me.

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Quick Question??  


Has Val ever gotten this emotional during a show before?? Like this 

I swear man dude was about to drop a tear!! Ijs

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All-Star Switch Up. Valdaya. One-shot  


During the switch up week Zendaya is partnered with Derek Hough. Shots are fired. 

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Bruh…can u continue this one?!?! I wanna know what happens!! 😍😂

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Anonymous whispered, "What do you want to be when you "grow Up"? Can you drive a stick shift? If there a special Ace in you life? If so what are their initials?"

WOOOOW! this is the first time anybody has actually asked me questions when i reblog stuff like this.. awesome!

ummm well when i “grow up” i want to keep doing music and acting and everything within entertainment cause thats always been my passion. this also includes dancing since im in a dance crew :P

i can not drive a stickshift…well…ok sorta but i cant legally do it cause i dont have a license…

Annnnd I WISH i had a special ace ( ;) ) in my life but unfortunately he isnt …but if he was they are JS ;)

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A  t o u g h  love…

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Rappers with puppies.

Drake so would dress his dog up…

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Harry Potter meme: Nine characters 

→ [2/9] Dean Thomas

He has a really long neck and I’m mad they hid it while he was child.

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